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The ability to put your best foot forward, communicate effectively, resolve conflict and confidently handle any situation with finesse and skill are not only desirable business skills, but ones that can give you the added benefit of boosting your own self-confidence. Our life-changing workshops focus on unlocking your creativity, boosting your credibility and improving your communication skills, whether it’s public speaking before a group, a face-to-face discussion with your boss or even negotiating with a vendor. And special courses are available for the unique challenges women face in the workplace. Whatever your situation, there’s a workshop designed to provide you with the powerful, confident and assertive communication skills guaranteed to get your career--and your attitude--moving in the right direction.

Personal Development / Communication: Seminars
The Conference for Women
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Personal Development / Communication: Webinars
Active Listening Techniques for Effective Communication
09/12/2018 View Description
Clear and Confident Communication Skills
09/28/2018 View Description
Personal Development / Communication: Resources
Next communicating with confidence!
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Management Essentials DVD Collection
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Dealing With Difficult People
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Communicating With Confidence
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Communicating for Results-CD
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